Uit DBLUG, Den Bosch Linux Users Group
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The city of Den Bosch has since 2,5 years a Linux user group. From a few guys hanging out in a bar to presentations with two dozen participants. To get a little more exposure for the LUG and to structure communication between the LUG we would like to use one of your droplets. DigitalOcean comes highly recommended by one of the founder of the LUG (the one writing this message). This domain runs on a shared hosting server now and we are running into problems that are not possible on this hosting but are on a droplet. We also have a meetup page but that's too expensive for what it's giving us. A list of our current web presence:

For starters we would be running a webserver on this droplet. After this we could run more communication servers to be used by members of the LUG (xmpp, git, owncloud). We wouldn't have high demands, the smallest droplet (512MB) would be perfect. Hopefully together with your help we can grow out to share knowledge and help people with Linux.

Thanks for your considiration!